Visual Valores


Administer and control all of your stock market investments


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Visual Valores is a comprehensive financial program oriented toward portfolio management of all kinds of assets (stocks, funds, bills of exchange, fixed interest rates, pension plans, etc).

The program is especially geared toward financial securities related with the stock market, and allows you to keep track of all of your investments and purchases by creating groups and categories.

Visual Valores establishes close control over these investments, offering comprehensive data about the rate of return obtained with each investment, as well as your total return.

This multifaceted application can be applied to a professional or personal setting, allowing you to manage all of the small investments made by each member of your family.

Visual Valores can be used over local networks and has support for automatic updates of stock market prices.

Visual Valores is a very complete economic management tool, thanks to which users can keep detailed track of their financial market activities.

15-day trial.

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